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Uulala The Future of Financial Services Built By People Like You For You.

Uulala is not your typical financial services company; we have a unique lens in which we view your needs because we are our customers. We are first and second generation Latin Americans living and breathing the needs of our customers every day. This platform was built with you in mind, to free up your time, reduce your costs of services and enhance your life through financial access.

Virtual and Physical
Payment Cards

As an Uulala user, you instantly gain access to a virtual payment card inside the mobile application where your loaded funds are available 24/7. This means you can participate in ecommerce transactions with confidence and security as well as access both Apple Pay or Samsung Pay for retail purchases. You can also request your physical Uulala card, which is attached to your mobile wallet. So, checking into a hotel, not a problem, use your physical card.

Bill Pay

If you are like many people we service, you may be currently paying a majority of your bills in cash. This means you are standing in line at places like Walmart, paying them a fee so you can pay your electric bill in cash.

Now with Uulala, you can do that in the palm of your hand, and instead of paying a fee to places like Walmart we will pay you to pay your bill. Yes, you will earn cash back for paying your bills inside of Uulala. You're welcome!

$15 credit line for monthly access to the combination of 60+ channels in English and Spanish.

With the best programming from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and the United States. Live TV, Live Music & Video On Demand.

Build your credit

All of these items are great but will this build my credit?

Yes! The goal of Uulala is to empower you through positive financial activities. Your transaction behavior will create a credit profile that cannot be manipulated or hacked. This means your daily financial activities will finally mean something for your financial future.

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